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Few things freshen up the look of a home and protect it better than a new roof. Benevento Roofing & Siding Inc. installs new roofing in and around Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Installing new roofs for 25 years

During our 25 years we’ve assembled a great team that is focused on providing the best quality work at a fair price. And few roofing companies can match our skills and expertise. And while we do many things well, residential roofing is where we truly shine. Choose from among several different styles of roof. Can’t decide? Will help.

Fiberglass shingles for pitched roofs

Fiberglass shingles come in a variety of colors and designs. We can help you match your new shingles to your home. A true classic, fiberglass shingles are still the preferred choice for a roof with a normal pitch. Obvious choice for roofs with normal pitches. We install shingles and membranes from the absolute best companies in the world, including GAF® (Timberline® American Harvest) and CertainTeed®.

Roofing solutions for flat or low-pitch roofs

Flat roofs are found on some residential homes, but more frequently on businesses and commercial buildings. There are many roofing solutions available for flat roofs, but nearly all them involve the use of a roofing membrane made of EPDM, CSPE, or a synthetic rubber roofing compound. Depending on the product, the application can involve using a torch or using a peel-and-stick membrane waterproofing system. Our favorite products are EVERGUARD® TPO HW MEMBRANE AND RUBEROID® TORCH SMOOTH.