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Windows facing Backyard
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Finance your roofing or siding project here

So, you really need a new roof or siding.  Or maybe you just want a new roof or siding. Either way, it makes sense for you to finance the project at this particular time in your life. No problem. Benevento Roofing and Siding Inc. will gladly do the work and do the financing to make your dream come true.

Why finance your project through us?

  • Have access to the best specialty finance programs in the industry

  • Lowest rates available from Canadian lenders

  • Possibly save money when compared with other financing options

  • NOT a credit card type programs!

  • NO need to renew your mortgage, drain your cash, or use your line of credit

Financing options

Our financial partner is Strength Finance. Together, we’ll give you access to several kinds of financing options. They include: $0 money down, preferred bank interest rates, and payments as low as $32!

Ready to talk?

Let’s discuss your project and your financing options at the same time. There’s no obligation, of course. Call 905-358-4550 to set up an appointment.